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"By Referral Only, Hidden Menu Digital Marketing Services That Extend Far Beyond Standard Methods Of Promotion, And Outbound Direct Advertising!"

By Referral Only Digital Marketing Services by iRankFast

“Every GREAT digital marketing agency, restaurant, Brand or movement, has a ‘hidden menu’ of services and products you can get tailor-made!”

Hidden Menu Digital Marketing Services at iRankFast:

At iRankFast, we offer exclusive, hidden menu digital marketing services available only to existing clients referred or recommended by other clients.

These ‘hidden menu’ services are tailored to provide exceptional results and are available upon request.

You must provide a client-referral name to receive a proposal or to have a chance at one of these extra impactful services.

Spread-The-Word-Locally Campaigns (STWLC)

Our Spread-The-Word-Locally Campaigns (STWLC) is a comprehensive brand strategy service.

It includes flyer creation, printing, and distribution to 5000 homes over a 30-day period in Northern Colorado.

This service effectively promotes local home improvement services, real estate services, and more to renters and homeowners.

If you’re interested, contact us and ensure you mention the client-referral name to get started.

LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Service

We offer a LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation service that spans 65-75 days initially, but lasts all year, with Monday, Wednesday, Friday leads and check-ins, and includes five touchpoints, with an emphasis on brand strategy to fill one’s calendar with personal and direct-sales opportunities, rather than page one SEO.

This service focuses on converting ideal prospects into willing participants who accept calendar invites for your services.

By building out the client’s 1st-degree audience with the right connections and maintaining a consistent content publishing schedule, we enable mass promotion.

Our hybrid LinkedIn-approved model of organic messaging, InMails, and group chats ensures platform compliance.

This service can generate 3-5 sales appointments weekly, potentially resulting in significant revenue.

Imagine closing 25% of these leads monthly, leading to substantial business growth.

Contact us with a client-referral name to learn more.

Out-of-Home Advertising (We Have Better Rates Than Anyone In Colorado!)

Out-of-Home Advertising; including billboards, posters, and bus and transit wraps across from Pueblo, Colorado to the Wyoming, all thanks to Lamar.

This service is ideal for local businesses looking to expand nationally or receive increased local traffic and inquiries.

Our process includes brand strategy consultation, artwork creation, and Lamar’s final approval, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our approach aims for a 2% conversion rate, double the industry standard.

With competitive rates starting at $7500 for the first board, (and no added cost on the 2nd board only) which includes brand strategy development, artwork, printing, installation, 30-days of exposure, teardown and storage, this service is perfect for businesses that can benefit a broad audience.

Examples include food, lodging, gas, legal services, healthcare, and home improvement companies.

“A well-placed board can drive long-term success and a high return on investment for years.”

A Recent Success Story as of March 2024: Mike Mausteller 

One of our notable clients, Mike Mausteller, renowned for taking the Brand PINK from Victoria’s Secret, to $1B in annual revenue, has experienced remarkable results with our B2B lead generation strategies, and being able to personally and directly over-the-phone, sell growth advisory services.

Initially expecting 365 leads in 2023, he received 606 leads, significantly surpassing his goals.

With a $10k minimum retainer and a 25% conversion-closing-rate, the results speak for themselves.

Imagine having a consistent stream of sales opportunities, closing 25% of them, and generating substantial monthly revenue.

This service is designed to fill your calendar with high-quality leads, allowing you to conduct business sales and “buddy meetings” from anywhere, only these types of buddy meetings don’t end with the other person trying to sell you their services. By “buddy” we are referring to friendly engaging conversations with prospects that are genuinely interested in collaboration, strategic partnerships or flat out buying your high-ticket services.

Interested in boosting your business like Mike Mausteller?

Next Steps If You Are An Existing Client Or Have Been Referred By One For Services:

Ready to explore these hidden digital marketing services and achieve significant business growth?

👉 Reach out to us with a client-referral name and state which “hidden menu” digital marketing service you wish to start!

Our exclusive services are designed to provide exceptional results, tailored to your specific needs, so don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts and drive substantial revenue. Contact us today to get started and take your business to the next level of market share and control.