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Case Study #1:
1ST IMPRESSIONS Orthodontics -

Northern Denver Metro Colorado

Colorado SEO Company Case Studies

In 2012, Dr. Colin Gibson’s orthodontic practice faced a digital dilemma – no web presence and an inefficient, costly paid advertising strategy. Their monthly spending of $13,000 on ads yielded minimal results due to unintentional national targeting, resulting in wasted clicks and negligible returns. The need for a strategic online overhaul became evident, leading Dr. Gibson to collaborate with an esteemed marketing professional from a Colorado SEO company.

Embarking on a transformative journey, a partnership with an accomplished marketing professional from a Colorado SEO company was forged. With a commitment to understanding the nuances of the orthodontic niche, a comprehensive strategy was crafted. A new website emerged as the cornerstone, designed not only for aesthetics but optimized for speed and performance, ensuring a seamless user experience by the Colorado SEO company.

The initial stages were marked by trial and error, but the breakthrough came with a shift towards localized targeting. Adapting to the dynamics of each town, the advertising campaigns evolved to be region-specific, resonating with the local audience. The change was swift and impactful, leading to a surge in organic traffic and a reduction in wasted ad spend, thanks to the expertise of the Colorado SEO company.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Google algorithms, the team persevered through updates and fluctuations. Continuous optimization and adherence to best practices by the Colorado SEO company kept Dr. Gibson’s orthodontic practice resilient against algorithmic changes, maintaining a steadfast presence on Google’s coveted first page.

Fast forward to the present, and Dr. Colin Gibson’s orthodontic practice, in collaboration with a Colorado SEO company, boasts the largest organic presence in the niche. With over 50 page one placements spanning five towns, the success is undeniable. The website serves as a digital beacon, attracting over 100-120 new patient requests monthly – a testament to the effectiveness of the comprehensive marketing strategy that has evolved over the past 12 years.

In this case study, Dr. Gibson’s journey, in collaboration with a Colorado SEO company, exemplifies the transformative power of strategic digital marketing, turning a web deficiency and misguided ad approach into a thriving online presence that consistently attracts new patients. The success story serves as inspiration for orthodontic practices navigating the complexities of the digital landscape.

At iRankFast, we believe in providing orthodontic practices with the absolute best strategies to achieve a prominent online presence. As an acclaimed Colorado SEO company, we specialize in creating customized and brilliant marketing solutions, ensuring that your orthodontic practice stands out in this competitive digital landscape.

Our approach is not just about achieving page one rankings; it’s about crafting a breathtaking online journey that resonates with your local audience. We understand that orthodontic practices are not just businesses; they are cherished institutions in their communities. That’s why our strategies are not just exclusive; they’re tailored to highlight the unique aspects of your practice.

With our Colorado SEO company, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner in success. We take pride in being a distinguished and influential force in the digital marketing realm. Our team of experts, each a connoisseur in their field, ensures that your orthodontic practice receives the attention and strategic focus it deserves.

Join us on a journey where your orthodontic practice becomes a digital icon, a masterpiece in the online landscape. Experience the excellence, exclusivity, and extraordinary results that define iRankFast as the premier Colorado SEO company. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together – turning your orthodontic practice into a digital success story!

Case Study #2: Redbud Property Inspections – Oklahoma City, OK

Three years ago, Redbud Property Inspections in Oklahoma City faced a digital conundrum – minimal online presence beyond a verified Google My Business (GMB) listing. Upon the inception of our collaboration with this home inspection company, your goal was clear: establish a robust digital footprint and become a leading authority in home inspections in the OKC region, with the assistance of our esteemed Colorado SEO company.

The journey began with a meticulous strategy crafted by our accomplished team at the Colorado SEO company, emphasizing local SEO and organic growth. The first milestone was achieving over 100 organic page one placements on Google, spanning not only OKC but extending your reach to 10 additional cities. This strategic expansion, guided by the expertise of the Colorado SEO company, amplified your visibility, positioning Redbud Property Inspections as a trusted name in the industry across multiple locations.

The heart of your success lay in a well-optimized website, developed in collaboration with our Colorado SEO company, that not only showcased your expertise but also provided a seamless user experience. Through targeted content, on-page optimization, and a focus on user engagement, the website became a magnet for those seeking reliable home inspection services in the region.

By the end of the first year, Redbud Property Inspections’ website, optimized by our Colorado SEO company, was receiving over 2000 monthly visitors, a testament to your enhanced online visibility and effective digital strategy. With a minimum 3% conversion rate, this influx of traffic, driven by the collaborative efforts with our Colorado SEO company, translated into a steady stream of leads and sales opportunities. The success was not confined to OKC; your page one rankings in 10 cities, achieved through the comprehensive approach of the Colorado SEO company, amplified your reach, solidifying your position as a go-to choice for property inspections.

While navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Google’s algorithms, the strategy remained adaptive, ensuring sustained success with the ongoing support of our Colorado SEO company. Up until the latest Google updates at the end of last year, Redbud Property Inspections, in partnership with our Colorado SEO company, continued to thrive, maintaining its organic presence and attracting a consistent flow of potential clients.

Case Study #3: Let’s Play In Spanish – EComm Site Bought By Warner Bros.

In a pivotal moment for Let’s Play In Spanish, your encounter with the owners unfolded amid significant internal discord. As one partner sought an exit strategy, the other contemplated selling off the venture. Recognizing the urgency, our acclaimed Colorado SEO company stepped in, strategically optimizing your e-commerce site.

Through a meticulous approach, we secured a coveted page one presence, a pivotal factor in attracting attention from industry giants like Warner Bros. This not only enhanced your market visibility but also positioned you for a lucrative acquisition. The optimized online presence played a pivotal role in negotiations, ensuring the founders received just compensation for their groundbreaking innovations.

Ultimately, our intervention fostered a harmonious resolution, leaving both partners satisfied with the outcome. Let this case study serve as a testament to the transformative impact of our Colorado SEO company in navigating businesses through turbulent times and facilitating successful outcomes.

Almost a decade ago, Rene Capron, a formidable and highly educated divorce attorney, embarked on establishing her own practice, Capron Law, in Aurora, Colorado.

Initially lacking an online presence, our Colorado SEO company recognized the untapped potential and swiftly transformed Capron Law’s fortunes.

We developed a stunning and efficient WordPress website, elevating Rene’s visibility.

Today, in 2024, Capron Law enjoys premier organic placements on Google for key phrases like “Aurora divorce attorney” and “Aurora divorce lawyer” on both desktop and mobile searches.

Our strategic implementation of brilliant backlinks continues to fortify these positions throughout the year, ensuring sustained online prominence for this female-owned legal enterprise.

Capron Law’s success stands as a testament to the transformative impact of our Colorado SEO company in propelling businesses to digital prominence and fostering sustained success.

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