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“Starting out in the marketing world, I was fixated on mastering paid ads and never even considered ‘SEO Power Blogging’.” – Marshall Adler, Founder

At that time, Lewis Howes emerged as a leading figure in the field, particularly in the realm of e-commerce marketing.

His prowess in influencing mass audiences and driving sales for e-commerce companies was unparalleled, having generated hundreds of millions in revenue for his clients.

One of Lewis’s foundational principles that resonates deeply with me is “Pick one niche, and master it,” especially in the context of SEO Power Blogging.

It’s a simple yet profound concept that many overlook or fail to fully understand.

For those venturing into entrepreneurship or seeking to scale their businesses, Lewis’s advice is invaluable, especially when implementing strategies like SEO Power Blogging; essentially, it boils down to identifying a critical need in the market that business owners can’t afford to ignore and providing a solution that adds significant value. 

For example, in the realm of SEO strategy, particularly through my agency iRankFast, we’ve developed a concept called ‘SEO Power Blogging’. 

Unlike traditional SEO approaches, which often involve sporadic posting and gradual rankings, SEO Power Blogging is a systematic process of adding keyword-focused, benefits-and-solutions-centric copy to internal blogs on websites, designed to rapidly drive organic traffic and secure top rankings on Google organically. We also create SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive content targeting specific keywords identified through meticulous “bottomline” deep-web research.

Leveraging our expertise and established relationships with Google, we’ve been able to achieve remarkable results, with posts getting indexed within 24 hours and securing page one rankings within 30-45 days in most cases, thanks to SEO Power Blogging services.

The service we offer starts at 9 SEO Blog Posts per WEEK! (36/mo) with a focus on SEO Power Blogging.

The essence of Lewis’s advice, “Pick one niche, and master it,” underscores the importance of focus and specialization in achieving success, particularly in the context of SEO Power Blogging which can saturate your market in as little as 3-6-9 months, depending on available-to-target keywords from our research.

By honing in on a specific niche, mastering it, and delivering exceptional value, through educational, advice-driven content, entrepreneurs can carve out their own path to success with SEO Power Blogging services.